Trend Lab Deluxe Style Diaper Bag Review

We use this diaper bag, and we love it. The Trend Lab Deluxe Style Diaper Bag is spacious, durable, and practical. Plus it comes with a foldable changing pad and a zippable dirty duds pouch. This Trend Lab Bag is an essential for parents on the go, and we highly recommend it.

Wonderfully Spacious

The Trend Lab Deluxe Style Diaper Bag measures 16" x 12" x 6”. That is a lot of space for your little one’s stuff. We once packed diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, gas drops, multiple bottles, a formula dispenser, burp cloths, two pacifiers, a baby blanket, a book, a cell phone,  a cell phone charger, the dirty diaper pouch and the collapsible changing pad into the bag, and we still had room leftover for more stuff. Yet somehow the bag still fits comfortably at your side. 

The diaper bag contains six outside pockets, including two large zipper pouches. Inside the bag are eight more pockets, including another zipper pouch. The pockets make this already spacious bag feel even bigger as your items can be easily organized. You never have to sort through a mess in this bag; each item necessary item can have a pace. And the pockets do a phenomenal job holding items in place; we have never had an item escape its designated pocket.

Reliably Durable

This bag can hold up to 50 pounds, which is a lot of baby items. Because of this ridiculously large upper weight limit, you don’t have to worry about the bag breaking under the weight of a full load. Be at ease knowing that the bag can hold everything you need it to.

And the bag holds up to repeated, daily use. To be honest, we aren’t particularly nice to our diaper bag. We throw this bag around; we drop it to the ground and toss it in our car trunk. And it feels just like it did the day we bought it. That’s the kind of quality you want from baby products.

Perfectly Practical

The diaper bag comes with a collapsible changing pad and a dirty diaper pouch. Having these items isn’t just convenient; they are necessary. Plenty of bathrooms lack changing areas, and sometimes your baby will poop at just the wrong moment. The Trend Lab Diaper Bag saves you from some unnecessary stress by including the pad and pouch. You’ll be glad to have them when the bad moment comes your way. Both the pad and pouch easily fit into the bag with plenty of space left for packing other items.

The bag includes two 24" handles and a 34" - 46" adjustable strap for easy carry, including removable stroller straps. The bag is so big, but it still fits comfortably at your side or on a stroller. 

The bag is made of black nylon, designed to resist rips. And because it’s nylon, the outside of the bag can be easily cleaned off with some baby wipes, which is a huge plus. You never know when your sweet little one will puke all over your diaper bag. 

Overall, this bag is perfect for parents who value practicality, space, and being prepared. To make things even better, the price is much lower than you’d expect. That makes this bag an incredible bargain, and we are happy to recommend it.