Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack Review

The Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack is a great tool for parents who formula-feed their babies. We use this formula dispenser, and we really like it. It’s convenient, spill-proof, and safe. We are happy to give it a positive review.


The Munchkin Combo Pack comes with two dispensers: one with three compartments and one with a single compartment. Each compartment can hold up to 4 scoops of formula (which usually makes an 8 oz bottle), meaning that if you used all four compartments you would have enough formula to make four 8 oz bottles.

These dispensers are exceptionally useful for middle of the night feedings. If it’s 3:10 AM, the thing last you want to do is measure out the correct amounts of formula powder that you need to make a bottle for your screaming child. But if you measure the formula in advance and put it in the dispenser, making the bottle is quick and easy.

Formula dispensers are also nice for leaving the house. Measure the formula in advance and throw the dispenser in the diaper bag along with a bottle pre-filled with water. Then when your little one decides to fuss in the middle of a store, you can have a bottle ready quickly.

The Munchkin Formula Dispensers have a wonderful funnel-shaped lid that makes it easy to pour out all the formula you need for a bottle. This is a particularly nice feature, as some other dispensers require you to shake, tap, or downright smack the dispenser to get the formula to come out. But the funnel lid completely eliminates this issue.

No Spills

The lid on the Munchkin Formula Dispenser seals tightly. In fact, some parents complain that the lid is a bit too tight. We disagree. A tight lid means no spills, and that’s exactly what our experience has been with this formula dispenser. Despite repeated use, we have literally never once had a spill with this product. If the lid is secured on the dispenser, the formula stays exactly where you want it to.

The tight lid is also great because it keeps each compartment separate in the three-compartment dispenser. Formula will not move from one compartment to the next, and that's exactly what you want out of a multi-compartment formula dispenser. This a particularly important feature for us (since we want our powder to water ratios to be accurate and consistent in our baby’s formula), so we put this claim to the test. We put formula powder in one compartment of the container, closed the lid, and tried our best to get the powder to leak out to the next compartment. We shook it as hard as we could, turned it upside down, and even dropped it on the ground. But we could not cause even a tiny amount of formula powder to move in another compartment or spill out of the container. That’s a quality product.


Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical commonly found in plastics, and there is research to show that it can harm your baby if a significant amount is ingested. This may seem like a silly thing to focus on; after all your infant will (hopefully) never consume plastics. But what you may not realize is that the BPA can be released from the plastic. And if the released BPA comes in contact with food, the BPA can be consumed. To make things even more terrifying, BPA release can happen in something as benign as a dishwasher. This is the reason that some researchers strongly advise against using bottles that contain BPA. This is also the reason that you should be happy to learn that the Munchkin Formula Dispensers are BPA-free

To be clear, we are not claiming that any baby products with BPA in them will harm your child. We don’t actually know that. But if you are anything like us, you don’t want to risk your child’s health while the research is being completed. Some parents just feel more comfortable avoiding products with BPA altogether when it comes to their vulnerable infants. This is especially true when dealing with products that will contain powder your baby will ingest. For us, this is just one more reason to use the Munchkin Dispensers. 

We get a lot of use from our Munchkin Formula Dispensers. And so far we have had no negative experiences with them. In our opinion, that makes this product a pretty good value, especially when you consider how crazy inexpensive the dispensers are. We are happy to recommend them to other parents.