First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub Review 

This is kind of bathtub that relaxes your newborn while providing you with all the practical convenience you need. No wonder it was voted "Best Bathtub" in a BabyCenter nationwide survey. We use this bathtub with our daughter, and we love it. The First Years Sure Comfort Tub is fantastic, and the price is phenomenal. That's what we like to call a value.

Ideal for Newborn Bathing

The First Years Sure Comfort Tub features a form-fitting mesh net that functions as a sling for newborns. The netting allows your newborn to recline comfortably in the bath without being submerged fully in the water. As the newborn reclines, the baby’s head lies on a padded headrest. For a baby, this is about as luxurious as it gets.

The real utility of this net is that it helps your baby become accustomed to bathing. A comfortable bathing environment goes a long way to soothe most infants. And tub time is easier on everyone with a calm baby. Less stress for the baby means less stress for you.

We can tell you from experience that our daughter loves taking baths on the net. She is all smiles as soon as she gets in the tub. After a tough day of sleep, poop, and dealing with parents that never feed her quickly enough, a few minutes of relaxation in the tub is just what she needs.

Adapts as Your Child Grows

Once your baby grows and gains the ability to sit up comfortably, you can transition the tub by removing the mesh. Now your baby has room to sit and play in the water. 

Transitioning your child to the full tub allows them to get used to the feeling of baths without the net while still being in a tub they know well. Again, the product helps you achieve a smooth, calm transition for your child. And smooth transitions are like gold to a parent.


The First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub is easy move around. It’s lightweight and has plenty of places for your hand to grasp it without a problem. We just put the tub in our adult bathtub when it's time to bathe our daughter, and that works really well. It's never hassle to remove it when the bath is done.

While your baby is still using the mesh net, the tub has a small reservoir where you can but your bath time tools (like washcloths and baby shampoo). The little joys like that give you the firm impression that the creators of the tub really thought through the bathing experience for both the parent and the infant.

The pads in the rub are mildew-resistant, which is particular useful when it comes to something like a tub. This helps you feel comfortable that your baby’s bath time can continue to be a happy, healthy experience going forward. 

The tub holds up to 25 pounds, which is more than you reasonably would ever need. And the netting can be both washed in your washing machine and dried in your dryer without a problem.

We love this bathtub. It’s not hard to see why so many moms voted it the best out there. And when you consider the crazy low price, it’s an incredible value. We are thrilled to give this product and enthusiastic recommendation to other parents!