Fig & Boo Bamboo Baby Washcloths Review

When you think about washcloths, most of us do not think about gentle softness. But gentle softness is exactly what is offered by Fig & Boo Bamboo Baby Washcloths. These naturally smooth washcloths are perfect for infant skin; your baby can be pampered without unnecessary irritation. The washcloths are also machine-washable and good for the environment. We highly recommend them.


Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft; these washcloths feel like cashmere. This is because bamboo fiber is naturally smooth. No chemical treatment is needed; this is all-natural luxury. Because of the natural roundness of the bamboo fiber, you won’t feel any of the sharp, irritating spurs of cotton washcloths. 

You can pamper your baby with these washcloths during bath time. Enjoy watching your child be soothed by the gentle bamboo fabric. Babies have delicate skin, which makes a gentle washcloth that much more important for them. By avoiding the abrasive drag of other washcloths, you can make your child feel like royalty during bath time. And you can know that you are using only the best material on your infant’s skin.


The bamboo fibers are mercerized, which is why the cloths are so durable in the wash. It’s also part of the reason the washcloths feel so soft on your skin. Many customers report that the washcloths actually feel even softer after being washed. Mercerization also increases resistance to mildew, which is particularly important for a bath product.

Good For the Environment

Bamboo is ecologically friendly, so you can feel good buying bamboo products. Bamboo regrows incredibly quickly making it a fantastically renewable resource. Furthermore, bamboo is great for land-usage, an issue that matters more than you might think. Bamboo is sustainable, which is a rare benefit in products these days.

Fig & Boo Bamboo Baby Washcloths exceed all expectations and provide a superior bathing experience for both you and your baby. They are eco-friendly, machine-washable, and gentle enough to make your baby love bath time. And we aren’t the only customers to fall in love with these washcloths. We highly recommend that you give these washcloths a try with your baby; you’ll be stunned at how soft they really are.