Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel Review

Many babies love baths, until they have to get out. Then the poor infant is shivering from head to toe, miserable and cold. Infants cannot regulate their own body heat like adults can; for them, being cold is a whole different kind of bad. That’s why it’s important to have a thick, warm towel after bath time to wrap up the infant. And there is no better option than the Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel. These towels are so soft and so warm. Your baby will go from horror to comfort in seconds, and you will know that you’re wrapping your child in the best material you can find.


These are the softest baby towels you have ever felt. Running your fingers over them will make you want to switch to bamboo for your own towels. Bamboo fibers are naturally smooth; they needs no chemical treatment. This is because the fibers have a natural roundness that makes the them feel similar to cashmere. 

The gentle softness of these towels is especially important for babies because infant skin is more delicate than adult skin. Thankfully, Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Towels provide a wonderful alternative to the abrasive drag of cotton towels. Bamboo fiber has no sharp, irritating spurs—just natural softness. With these towels you can know that you are using only the best material on your infant’s skin.


34 ¼ inches by 34 ¼ inches. That’s over 1170 square inches of thick, plush bamboo cloth to dry off your baby. And the towels are absorbent as well. The size and absorbency matters a lot with baby towels because baby’s cannot regulate their body temperature like adults can. So if your baby is shivering after a bath, you need to warm the infant up quickly, and that means using a thick, absorbent towel. 

That post-bath chilliness is the reason for the hoods on these towels. Your baby’s head can become uncomfortably cold after a bath. But the hoods on these towels are designed to help your baby’s head stay dry and warm.


The bamboo fibers are mercerized, which is why the towels are durable enough to be machine-washed. Many customers report that the towels actually feel even softer after being washed. Mercerization also increases resistance to mildew, which is particularly important for a bath product.


Bamboo is remarkably renewable as a resource as it re-grows incredibly quickly.  Furthermore, bamboo is great for land-usage, an environmental issue that is more important than you might think. Simply put, bamboo is a sustainable product, so you can feel good about using these towels.

Bamboo is such a good fabric for infants; your baby will love feeling this warm softness after a bath. And you will love how practical these towels are. The Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Hooded Towels are large, machine-washable, eco-friendly, and perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. But don’t just take our word for it, look at some of the other reviews. You can’t do better than these towels for your baby.

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