How to Keep a Baby From Crying at Church


It's hard going to church with an infant. Although we parents may enjoy getting out of the house and having some adult conversations (something parents don't get nearly enough of!), your baby might find a lot of the noises in church to be unsettling. And that's when the screaming starts.

It's frustrating to get some actual adult time only to have it cut-off by a screaming infant. This is especially true when your baby doesn't really want anything at all except your attention.

Luckily, we found a good solution: noise-protection ear muffs. It sounds weird, but here us out. This is a way to get your baby to go to sleep during church, and it's a game-changer in terms of actually enjoying the service.

Most noise-protection ear muffs don't cancel out all noise; they muffle noise. And that's what you want for baby during church: something that filters the noise and makes it less scary. We really like the Pro For Sho Ear Muffs because they create something similar to white noise. And that will put your baby right too sleep. So instead of dealing with an antsy hellion that can't deal with all the noisy stimulation, you have a sleeping angel. And now everybody's church service is better.

Pro For Sho sent us two pairs of the Ear Muffs to try, and we fell in love. The Ear Muffs are adjustable, so they fit well regardless of head size. And they are surprisingly light, which is great. Plus, they're just comfortable (which probably also helps with the sleep!). So we 100% suggest you get some of your own if your baby tends to be vocal at the worst times. It makes life so much better.

And honestly, you'll be surprised at just how inexpensive the ear muffs are. I wish we had purchased these a long time ago. But at least we have them now!