What’s the Point of Burp Cloths?

When our daughter first arrived, Blake had no idea why people bought burp cloths. He, like many new parents, just could not comprehend why a separate product was needed for the burping process. Then we had our baby. And Blake understood.

Babies spit up. A lot. And some babies have acid reflux, which means even more spit up. To make matters worse, there is no way to predict when milk is about to come pouring, flying, or drooling out of your baby’s mouth. That’s why burp cloths were invented.

When your baby is up on your shoulder for burping, you need something to cover your shoulder so that spit-up does not end up ruining your top. A lot of things can do this: hand towel, wash cloths, old t-shirts…. But if you want to increase your chances of catching the spit-up with your towel (and thus decrease your chances of getting it on yourself), you want a towel that is absorbent, large, and comfy for the baby. And the easiest way to get a towel like that is to simply purchase a set of quality burp cloths. Let’s talk about why.


Burp cloths clean up milk messes, and sometimes there’s a lot to clean up. You need a burp cloth that won’t let you down half way through a clean up process. Imagine your baby’s regurgitated milk all over the floor while you hold a dripping, useless rag. Not a pretty picture. A good burp cloth will suck up all the milk like a sponge and help you take care of the mess quickly.


Your baby won’t be aiming for the burp cloth when spit-up time comes. But if you make the target big enough, your baby will have a hard time missing it. Big burp cloths can cover your entire shoulder when burping your baby and your baby’s whole body as you feed your baby. That’s a good thing.

The size also helps with messes. More burp cloth means more to clean with. 

Comfy for the Baby

If your baby wiggles off the towel as you burp her, then the burp cloth is useless. So you want a cloth that the baby will actually be okay with resting on. This will make for a happier baby and happier parents.

Also, burp cloths are used for wiping the baby’s face. Remember that infants can have delicate skin. A towel that is too rough could be very uncomfortable (or downright painful) for the baby. So be sure to find a burp cloth gentle enough for infant skin.

If you need burp cloths, we highly recommend Gerber Flannel Burp Cloths. (Read our full review here.) As far as we can tell, these are the best burp cloths on the market. And that is exactly why we use them with our daughter.